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Akademické gymnáziuma Jazyková škola s právem státní jazykové zkoušky,školy hlavního města Prahy

Anglické akce

Přednáška amerického diplomata Neila Phillipse

Ve středu 10. dubna 2024 jsme přivítali na AG amerického diplomata Neila Phillipse, který ve 2 přednáškách pro maturanty hovořil o svém působení na Americké ambasádě v Praze. Přiblížil studentům, jaké jsou každodenní povinnosti diplomata, v diskusi reagoval na otázky ohledně zahraniční politiky USA, prezidentských voleb apod. Jeho asistentka paní Švejnohová přinesla informace o výměnných programech pro studenty, např. FLEX, BFT, Women2Women a Summer Work Travel.

(více fotografií)

A jak se studentům přednáška líbila...?
Tobiáš J.: It was quite interesting, I enjoyed it.
Anna K.: I loved it. I found out a lot of new things about the U.S. Embassy in Prague.
Filip N.: I am not really into politics yet I quite enjoyed his comments on the current American political situation.
Yurii K: I really enjoyed the lecture, but the best part was the discussion when we could ask Mr. Phillips any questions.
Marek P.: Despite the slow start, I found the lecture very interesting. Neil Phillips, apart from his rather quiet speech, gave a very nice impression.
Alex E.T.: Niel Philips was very kind to make time for us. I was glad to hear him honestly trying to answer my question despite not having an answer.


Movie Night 2024

The Virgin Suicides(1999)
Wed 26.6.2024 19:30 h school atrium
The film is based on the 1993 debut novel by Jeffrey Eugenides. The film follows the lives of five adolescent sisters in an upper-middle-class suburb of Detroit during 1975. Directed by Sofia Coppola.


Wed 17.4.2024 19h school atrium
A 1979 American romantic comedy-drama movie set in New York City. Director: Woody Allen.


Control (2007)
Wed 20.3.2024 19h school atrium
A profile of Ian Curtis, the enigmatic singer of Joy Division whose personal, professional, and romantic troubles led him to die by suicide at the age of 23.

Romeo + Julie
Wed 28.2.2024 19h school atrium
A 1996 romantic crime film directed, produced, and co-written by Baz Luhrmann, a modernized adaptation of William Shakespeare's tragedy. Czech subtitles by Josef Josek.
For students of all classes; Entrance fee: 30,- Kč All proceeds will be donated to the Steve Sinnot Foundation.
Main organiser: Michael Anslow (British lecturer)


Future Port Youth 23 – online  9.11.2023

Názory studentů na některé prezentace:

Future starts today – Yesika Aguilera:
I really admired the confidence she had in talking on stage. The topic was also very well chosen because a lot of people, especially from our generation, should learn how to dream big, because that can really change the future we are going to live in. (Bory)

I enjoyed her presentation as she is an enchanting and charming person, who can pass their thoughts to the audience clearly. The topic itself was quite beneficial for me, because I tend to think big but am usually stopped by the opinions of others. I liked all of the tips Yesika has given us. I think she has a warm heart and has empathy for others. (Emma)

From Darkness to Light –  Mansoor Hamayun:
I was stunned. Seeing someone who has accomplished something big but is not egoistic and actually wants others to become their best version as he did. (Eliška)

I really liked Mansoor's presentation and his speech, he talked fast and about many things, he showed how he started his company and how he continued to expand it. The video was very inspiring. (Vašek)

What´s your Moonshot – Marco Londa:
I had mixed feelings about this presentation. I liked the idea that we should pursue our goals and think about how to achieve them in order to be satisfied, but I think the topic was presented in a strange way. I also didn't really like the activities that were part of the presentation. Overall, I liked and disliked it at the same time. (Karolína)

Mr. Londa’s speech was kind of weird. It was interactive with the crowd there which is nice, but it was a little awkward to wait the 2 minutes till the crowd finished their thoughts. (Fanda)


Návštěva muzikálu A CHORUS LINE (v podání HAP PZ)

1.–3.ročník, 16. 10. 2023, velký sál Ústřední knihovny, Praha

Výběr ze studentských recenzí:

Earlier today, I went to see an English musical performed by English students about what it's like being a performer on Broadway. The beginning of the musical was very captivating and energetic. I especially enjoyed the changes of lighting throughout the scenes. I must say however, that a play where everything goes on in one place, there is no change of scenery, clothing and so on, can tend to be a bit boring at times. Another thing I disliked was that sometimes it was very difficult to hear the actors speak or even sing. Overall however, I very much enjoyed the play and I would definitely recommend it to others. (Júlia S., 1.B)

Although I had had very low expectations for it, the music was very good, excluding the fact that it got quite repetitive as we were progressing through the musical. However, one thing that I disliked the most was the story. I believe that I can, without any exaggeration, say there wasn't any plot at all. And this particular lack made the whole performance uninteresting for me, despite the fact that the performers, especially Mr. Janda, did a great job. (Matěj S., 3.A)

According to me the direction and performances were well-received, and I even recognized some friends from the drama club. I enjoyed the immersive aspect of being part of the audition process. Initially unsure about the storyline, I was pleasantly surprised by the characters' growth, as they gained sympathy and humility throughout the story. In the end, it was a delightful afternoon, filled with admiration for what individuals slightly older than me could achieve in just two hours. (Emma B., 1.B)

As a person, who's not a huge fan of musicals, I actually enjoyed this one. Musicals overall aren't really my thing and in a theater I much more prefer a comedy or something like that. But I think that this was nicely made and everyone there sang and danced really well. There were times, where I for example couldn't hear them really well or I just didn't exactly understand what they were saying because of the music, but other than that I had a great time. (Barbora J., 1.A)

 I didn't like it. I guess it's because it was a premiere and it wasn't properly rehearsed. I have to appreciate the acting which was really good. I could really see the emotions in each of the characters and what personalities they represented. Most of the time I didn't even hear what they were talking about, because there was a lack of microphones and sometimes the Czech accent was kind of distracting. The singing was contradictory for me. Sometimes it wasn't so bad, but another time it was overscreamed or out of tune. In the end, I'm going to appreciate the effort and mostly the practice in dancing, because I think that none of them were any professional dancers but all of them aced it. (Matěj F., 3.C)

So, the first thing I am going to talk about will be that it was kind of long for my liking and I think a break would make it more digestible. My neck was hurting from constantly looking to the right so the break would be really nice, because I would have time to stretch a bit. The thing I liked the most about the theater experience was the vocals. I enjoy good harmonization. Nobody was singing off key except a couple of times but I think that was a part of the show. (Alice H., 3.A)

So, I think, there are lots of different things and opinions that could be said about the musical. First of all, I would like to point out that I was impressed by a really good performance interpreted by such young people. Especially when some of them were from our school. I admire the way they were all singing and dancing. But to be honest, I don't think the performance had some kind of an interesting plot. In the meantime, I honestly got a bit bored. I haven't seen the movie, so I can't really compare it. But again, the performers were amazing and obviously I don't think it was their fault, not at all. I would personally rate it 6.5/10. (Aneta M., 2.B)


AP Scholar Award – CTM 9. 10. 2023

9. října 2023 se konal v Galerii Louvre slavnostní ceremoniál CTM - AP Scholar Award - předávání certifikátů mimořádně úspěšným studentům CTM za účasti Mgr. J. Růžičky (senátora ČR), M. Hermana (prezidenta AFCSLS a CTM) a Paula Sanderse (ředitele College Board, USA).
K oceněným studentům patří i Daniela Balážová ze 4.A, která zvládla při studiu na AG absolvovat 3 kurzy a zkoušky AP (Advanced Placement). Srdečně blahopřejeme!



A Show Full Of Lies, 24. 5. 2023

Ve středu 24. 5. zhlédli studenti 1. ročníku interaktivní představení v Redutě v podání The Bear Educational Theatre. Přečtěte si recenze některých z nich:

Kateřina K.: The show was full of truth despite being named as a show full of lies. Because we lie almost every day, and we don't even have to mean it badly, we're just used to it, or we don't want to hurt anyone by telling the truth. This show has shown us many types of lies, some bad and some innocent. And how we react differently to them. Because every lie is different and it's up to us to decide if it's right or wrong or if we should believe it. The show was really interesting, and I liked it.

Ondřej S.: I really liked it for its concept. It was original and funny and I felt amused by the different specific topics that were mentioned. Even though I didn't really like the interaction idea, because I did not feel like speaking in front of the whole theatre at times. The actor and the actress were both really likeable. Overall, I really enjoyed it and would recommend it to others.  

Eliška K.: I really liked it, it was such a beautiful experience to be there because hearing a performance in a different language than my native Czech is extremely enjoyable. The performance was very interactive and also funny so it made us laugh. The English was very well spoken and the actors had a great accent. To be honest, I was expecting a boring wasted hour of life but actually I wasn't regretting any second of it. The performance was about the lies we hear from everywhere and especially from society. It also taught us how to respond to those lies and what to do in some unpleasant situations connected with lying. It made us think twice about the things we are told and to recognise the difference between truths and lies.

Aneta M.: I personally think it wasn't much of a theatre performance. More like an interactive performed dialogue, which doesn't mean it was bad. I just basically think that a theatre performance would be more catchy. But I understand that it wasn't meant to be like this. I liked the idea, I liked that we saw the reflection of lies from different points of view placed into context and that we could think about it. The environment and the performers were really nice and likeable. So overall, I enjoyed it.

Václav T.: I did and also didn't enjoy the show, I think it was a great break from school, but I didn't enjoy the play, I think it was mainly because the show was targeted for a younger audience and not for 16-17 year olds. Also it was a very low budget  play, it was played in a very small room with kind of bad oxygen, also they had zero props, just maybe like a hat or something. I must say for a theatre at Narodní třída I had had much higher expectations. But on  the other hand, the tickets were quite cheap for a theatre, which was nice. The play overall wasn't that bad and the discussions were funny. I give it 6/10.

Markéta B.: When you said we were going to the theatre, I imagined several actors and a big stage, but in Reduta it was completely different. Just two actors and no set. I have to say I was surprised. I've never been to a theatre like this before. In the end, it wasn't bad at all, I just thought it didn't really have a plot and was more of a lecture on lying and what kinds of lies there are. However, I liked the atmosphere and the friendly environment.

Magdaléna M.: I really liked the show, the topic was very interesting and the actors were great. I personally don't like the audience joining the play as it's a bit stressful for me, but that's just a personal preference, I believe others enjoy it. Overall I really enjoyed it. It was the first time I saw a play in English and it certainly wasn't the last.


Movie Nights 2021–2023

V atriu Akademického gymnázia se každý měsíc odehrává Movie Night s britským lektorem – profesor Mike Anslow organizuje pro studenty podvečer s filmem v anglickém znění.
Zájemci ze všech ročníků jsou srdečně vítáni.


Future Port Youth, 10. 11. 2022

Evropská online konference v anglickém jazyce pro střední a vysoké školy se zaměřením na rozvoj studentů v oblastech inovací, digitalizace a dovedností pro 21. století. Akce představila pozitivní vizi budoucnosti a možnosti, jak ji mohou mladí lidé spoluvytvářet.

Z ohlasů studentů 4. ročníku:
Nina A.:
From all of the presentations I enjoyed the future of energy by Arash Aazami the most, even though I initially thought that I would like the future of art and design more. He was radiating a very good and calm energy and he seemed to be confident. The host, Tilly Lockey, was so sweet and such an amazing person. I also really loved her presentation about bionic fashion, I thought it was very cool and helpful.
Emma B.: I really enjoyed it, I think it was done really well, it was structured, it wasn’t messy or confusing whatsoever, some speakers were a little “meh”, but that’s also closely connected to the topics they talked about, so maybe I would’ve enjoyed it more if I was more interested in those topics. Personally, the guy from Blue Origin (US) was my favorite, I wish he could’ve talked more :) Overall, the entire thing was great, I would definitely recommend it to everyone (who’s interested in those kinds of topics at least a tiny bit).
Lucie E.: LI was quite surprised by the conference, because I expected it to be less organized, so I was surprised in a good way. I was there for three topics, which were Future of Energy, Future of Space and Future of Art and Design. I don't know which I liked more, because all of them were great, but I really enjoyed a presentation from Arash Aazami, who talked about energy and rights to have it, Gary Lai, who talked about the future of space travelling, and from Tilly Lockey, who talked about her bionic arms and fashion in this field. Another thing that I really enjoyed was designing our own art made by AI. :)
Viktorie K.: Personally, I enjoyed the talk of mediator and zen master Diane Musho Hamilton. I think having her at the end of the conference was a really fitting finale. It reminded us of not only cultivating scientific fields but our relationships with each other as well. It was a very grounding experience. We should not forget to listen and respect each other. Her speech had such a positive vibe yet it was also calming. Furthermore, I liked the interactive aspects of the event, especially when we could give them our feedback.
Helena K.: In my opinion, all presentations I’ve seen had interesting themes although some of the people sounded quite unsure because of speaking in English. I’d say that ‘Sustaining the future’ was the best one but Tilly Lockey’s speech was incredible as well.


Karaoke party

29. 6. 2022

(více fotografií)