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Akademické gymnáziuma Jazyková škola s právem státní jazykové zkoušky,školy hlavního města Prahy

About the school

The grammar school is attractive to today´s generation of students in particular because of the level of education provided. This is confirmed by the successes of our graduates in entry exams for all types of universities and colleges. The employment of native speakers also contributes to the advanced knowledge of foreign languages (English, French, Spanish, German, Russian) at the school.

The school offers the following variants of study:
- Additional lessons in Maths and Science (P)
- Additional lessons in French; Latin is also included in the programme (F)
- Additional lessons in the Social sciences; Latin is also included in the programme (S)

From their third year on, students can also specialise in a form of academic subjects with their future careers in mind.

Tuition is supplemented with a number of optional activities: sports, art, drama, choir, orchestra, conversation in foreign languages, maths practice etc.

All applicants take written entry exams.

There are 15 specialized classrooms out of the total number of 22 (foreign language, Czech, IT, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Geography, Music and Art classrooms). The students have two gyms at their disposal, a fitness room, and an outside pitch. Interactive boards, data projectors, computers connected to the Internet, and a video cutting room are also part of the school´s accroutrements.


School library equipment: the library serves as a study space while it fulfills a modern student´s study needs. Students have at their disposal a rich collection of Czech and world literature as well as academic literature, books in foreign languages, DVDs, plus an Internet connection, computers, printers, and a scanner.

The school meets students´ requirements in various ways – traditional spring and Christmas concerts of the choir and orchestra, drama DivAG performances, exhibitions of students´ work in the Nora Gallery, poetry evenings, sporting events and tournaments. Students regularly organise “FAG” (a lm festival) together with school alumni.

The school regularly takes part in presenting the school at ´Schola Pragensis´ and at the European Youth Parliament meetings.

Teambuilding courses for the freshman class, and ski and sport courses are traditional events at our school too.

There is also Společnost Akademického Gymnázia (SAG) (The Society of Academic Grammar Schools). The purpose of the society is to support, promote and develop the school. SAG organises a prom where the senior class passes on symbolic knowledge to the freshmen.

A ceremonial hand-over of graduation reports is also a festive event on the premises of the Old Town Hall under the auspices of the mayor, accompanied by professors, parents and friends of the graduates.

Basic data

Specialization comprehensive
Duration of study4 years
Number of forms14
Number of students430
Exchange stays Germany, France, Finland
Language and sightseeing trips England, USA, Germany, Austria, France
Cateringin the canteen of ZŠ Vodičkova